Scholars in the film

Several scholars were interviewed for “No Job For a Woman”: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII.

Journalism Historian Maurine Beasley describes what happened to the “woman’s angle” story during WWII.

Cynthia Enloe describes the rationale for restricting women war reporters.

Martha Gellhorn biographer Caroline Moorehead describes Gellhorn’s legacy.

Journalism historian Maurine Beasley describes Ruth Cowan’s reporting during WWII.

Scholar Joyce Hoffmann describes why photographer Dickey Chapelle wanted to report war.


Women reporters during WWII were told war reporting was No Job For a Woman. Buy the DVD, available for purchase from Women Make Movies, to find out how these women over came the restrictions and created a new way of telling the story of war.
2011, 61 minutes, Color, DVD, English

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