1980 — Martha Teichner

“I certainly heard the phrase “war reporting is not a job for a woman” many times. In many respects, the refusal to consider allowing women to go to war was a kind of benevolent paternalism. It was meant well because fathers and husbands didn’t want to see women put in harm’s way. At the same time, they failed to recognize that this was denying opportunity to women who wanted equal treatment, equal pay, wanted to be able to get ahead as correspondents, and be in a position to cover the most important stories that has the most important historical impact.” — July 23, 2009


Martha Teichner is a correspondent for “CBS News Sunday Morning” and recipient of numerous Emmy Awards for her reporting. Teichner appears in “No Job For a Woman”: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII. Please see Teichner describe reporting a conflict in South Africa.


Women reporters during WWII were told war reporting was No Job For a Woman. Buy the DVD, available for purchase from Women Make Movies, to find out how these women over came the restrictions and created a new way of telling the story of war.
2011, 61 minutes, Color, DVD, English

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