Nearly 140 American women were accredited to cover WWII, but the United States military only permitted them to do so if they agreed to abide by certain restrictions. “No Job For a Woman” focusses on three women who chose different paths to cover the war: photographer Dickey Chapelle, wire service reporter Ruth Cowan, and magazine reporter Martha Gellhorn. Please see the pages devoted to them.

Below scholars explain the restrictions on women war reporters.

Joyce Hoffmann: “What were the restrictions on women ┬áreporters during WWII?”

Michael Sweeney: “Why did the U.S. military restrict women during WWII?”

Cynthia Enloe: “What is the rationale for restricting women?”


Women reporters during WWII were told war reporting was No Job For a Woman. Buy the DVD, available for purchase from Women Make Movies, to find out how these women over came the restrictions and created a new way of telling the story of war.
2011, 61 minutes, Color, DVD, English

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