PBS World TV Broadcast on March 2015

Starting March 2015 PBS World  will begin broadcasting “No Job For a Woman”. Check back here for dates soon.


Women reporters during WWII were told war reporting was No Job For a Woman. Buy the DVD, available for purchase from Women Make Movies, to find out how these women over came the restrictions and created a new way of telling the story of war.
2011, 61 minutes, Color, DVD, English

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  1. Jeff Fleischmann March 10, 2015 at 11:26 am #

    WONDERFUL film! I learned a great deal about a crucial piece of history. But I have to take serious exception to the showing scenes of actresses posing as these fantastic reporters. I have no objection to hearing them read quotes of the reporters, but I found watching the actresses in staged scenes to be extremely distracting, annoying, and totally unnecessary. The conflation of fiction and actual history in these segments becomes all too blatant and objectionable. I found myself closing my eyes or turning away from the screen in order not to be distracted from learning what the reporters had said. I hope you will seriously consider refraining from filming and showing such scenes in future films, which I very much hope you will continue to make.

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