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Director Michele Midori Fillion with the "Rosie's"

Director Michele Midori Fillion with the “Rosie’s”

“No Job For a Woman” screened at the Rosie the Riveter Trust July 25th, 2014. The screening went exceptionally well, but the best part about it was meeting the “Rosie’s” beforehand. The “Rosie’s”? Yes, women who worked in the Richmond, California shipyard, now home to the Rosie the Riveter Trust. On Friday’s, the “Rosie’s” work at the site answering questions about their experiences working at the shipyard during WWII. They are tremendously helpful, energetic and engaged. What a pleasure and honour to meet them.


Women reporters during WWII were told war reporting was No Job For a Woman. Buy the DVD, available for purchase from Women Make Movies, to find out how these women over came the restrictions and created a new way of telling the story of war.
2011, 61 minutes, Color, DVD, English

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